Monday, May 21, 2012

Yes, We're Alive

As dedicated as I used to be to blogging, I am more than disappointed with my performance over the last few months.  But between teaching, writing and playing mommy/wifey, there's just not much extra time.  I've decided rather than ignoring my blog altogether, I'm gonna try to do quick updates - at least until summer rolls around and I am out of school (2 more weeks!!!)  And I can start taking advantage today since I am at home with a nasty virus - the toilet has been a good friend to me today.  TMI?

  • Buying a Home - when we first moved to Murrells Inlet we were so lucky to find a rental house that had everything we needed for our growing family - a huge backyard, 4 bedrooms, a lot of living space and a safe neighborhood.  While the style of the home is not necessarily my cup of tea, we listed all the pros and cons of purchasing this house versus buying another home.  Ultimately, this home won out.  To make it more of what I want however, we need to customize it a bit so it doesn't look so builderish.  Maybe some crown molding, different paint scheme, new kitchen countertops, etc.  We close next month!

  • Ocean Isle - we took a trip to Ocean Isle, NC to meet up with a few of our fabulous friends a couple of weekends ago.  Thanks to a silent auction that our friend, Jessica, won we had an oceanfront cottage that housed all of us crazies so that we could properly celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Ankles were injured and fun was had - no surprise there.

  • Easter/April Happenings -  we had a wonderful Easter.  It was low key, just like we like it, spent outside and at home.  I've thrown in a few other random pics from April too.

  •  Mother's Day - I enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day tea with Evan at his school.  The other mothers must've of thought I was a bit nutty because I laughed and cried the entire time the kids were singing to us and gesturing loving things.  It gets me every time.  From what Evan reported, I only weigh 6 lbs and he wouldn't "trade me for a yo yo."  I am so loved.  In addition, we all went out to eat (my mom joined us) to Nance's and ate a hideous amount of fried seafood.  I won't do that again for a long time.  I have not one picture from this day!  Isn't that terrible?
  •  Random Notes - Evan and Mattie constantly fight over the Ipad.  It has gotten out of control.  As soon as I pick them up from school Mattie says, "I pa! I pa!  And I am one of those mothers who said I would never let my children become addicted to video the Ipad the same thing?  Robert makes a point now to leave his at work.