Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

I have been so busy with the start of a brand new school year that I haven't even had time to document this GINORMOUS milestone for Evan!  He started kindergarten last week.

It's all been quite a blur really.  I accepted a new teaching position at the school we wanted Evan to attend - Palmetto Academy.  Mattie is also attending the pre school that feeds into the K-8 charter school.  We get to all be under the same roof, which is a really comforting feeling.

Evan's classroom is right next door to mine (Ms. Wyskida) and so far he is loving it.  We spend lunch and recess together every day.  I catch him looking at me from across the room and he smiles and I smile back.   It's been somewhat surreal, but we're finally getting used to the change.

Mattie did not transition so well at first, but just in the last two days, she is finally coming around and enjoying her new friends.  She is in a class of 10 students - herself and NINE boys.  That's other girls.  As much as we would like for her to have a little girlfriend, we also know she can totally handle those boys.  But she really misses having her toenails painted and playing princess with the girls :(

In other news, the kids have a new pet.  This little pet was meant to be a surprise for my new classroom, but when Robert brought it into my room the evening before school was starting, I just stopped and laughed.   As thoughtful as his gesture was, I had no desire to come up with a classroom management plan for this pet with the little time I had left before the start of school.  I told Robert we would have to take it home until I was ready to introduce it to my class.

"Fuzzy" the guinea pig (Evan named her) is now a part of the family.  The kids are obsessed with her!

Now if we can just teach Evan to clean out the cage...