Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Boy and His Dog

There is nothing more special than a child's love for their dog.  Evan and Stevie are forming that bond - a forever kind of bond.

The DeMarksation Vacation

Yes, we named our vacation.

Well, we actually named the beach house that we all decided we would buy together in the future (The DeMarksation)...it now has stuck as the official name of our 2nd annual beach trip.

We had beautiful weather all week which pretty much kept us from leaving the house.  We beached it or pooled it every.single.day.  Did we have any complaints?  Absolutely not.

All six of the kids, ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 (we even had age 1 when Amanda and Scott came to visit) did as kids do - played, bickered, tattled, laughed, teased and name called - and we all pretty much just took it in stride because a vacation state of mind can do that for you.

The girls watched Frozen an obscene number of times and after introducing Beetle Juice it came in at a close second.  It was later brought to our attention that the language in the movie was probably not appropriate for the kids' age group - somehow though, Eleanor (age 2) was the biggest fan!  Not that it mattered really because the entire week each kid was trying to outdo the other kids with how many "potty" words they knew - butt crack, fart and weiner were among the top five.  Mattie personally loves poopie and fart - we have proof on video that Evan took early one morning - totally BUSTED (and let me state that we do not condone this behavior at all):


When the kids finally went to bed, the adults played.  The week was dedicated to reconnecting, laughing and laughing some more - something I need more of from these people.

Until next year, my dear friends!