Monday, April 1, 2013

School Pictures Again

I've said it once and I'll say it again - I am NOT a fan of school pictures.  I can not bring myself to shell out overpriced dollars for those lame backdrops.  BUT...I do love the memories and the laughs so I always make a point to take a picture of the pictures so that we still have them to look back on.

We had the pleasure of pony pictures again this year!  A couple of months ago, Evan and Mattie, both decked out in western gear,  had pony portraits made that literally brought tears to my eyes from laughter.  I do have to admit - I was close to purchasing these just for pure entertainment value.

Spring pictures came around a few weeks ago.  We made our best attempt to send the kids to school looking "picture appropriate."  They could've been wearing holey jeans and ketchup stained t-shirts and the only thing I would've been staring at was the faux stump and artificial flowers.  The "realistic" stream in the background was a nice touch too (not!).  Ok - enough sarcasm.  You can be the judge.

The solid background pictures weren't hideous, but still, nothing fancy...

But my favorite is the picture the kids had taken together.  Once again, Mattie is channeling Chris Farley...

I had the kids sit for a picture at home before we left for school - the results were so much more appealing to me.  But these school pictures will forever be the most entertaining.