Sunday, March 3, 2013

No More Paci

Mattie is officially all grown up.  Ditching the diapers for panties a couple of weeks ago was a HUGE step in the big girl direction.  But the one thing she wanted to desperately hang on on to was her paci.

For the past six months or so, Mattie has only been allowed to have her paci when she goes to bed.  She didn't even use it at nap time - well, at school that is (we did allow it at nap time on the weekends - reluctantly).  But because she didn't use it during nap, we knew she could go to sleep without it - so why were we continuing to let her have it at home?

Just like every parent, we knew the paci made her happy and was soothing for her when she was upset or tired.  It was also leverage at bedtime because if Mattie wanted to play around we would simply take the paci and she knew she better get in the bed.

I made a spontaneous decision last night when Mattie and I were reading in her bed.  I took her paci - well, actually all three of her pacis - and asked her if she was ready to be a big girl and give them up.  She quickly responded with, "No, Mama!"  I then reminded her of how big she was now that she was wearing panties.  I told her she wasn't a baby anymore.  She said, "Pacis are for babies."  I said, "Yes, they are and you're a big girl, aren't you?"  She agreed, but was still eying those pacis.

I thought about my friend, Kylie, who bribed her son with a Buzz Lightyear doll to get him to quit his habit.  I figured if it worked for him, maybe it would work for Mattie.  So I said, "If you can go to bed like a big girl tonight, I will let you pick out a new doll tomorrow."  She perked up and said, "A new doll?  Ok - I want a new doll."  I began to tuck her in when she looked at me and then quickly grabbed a paci and put it in her mouth.  I said, so you want your paci instead?"  She thought for a second and then handed the paci back.  She said, "I'm so excited to get a new doll."  I said, "I'm so excited my big girl made such a big girl choice."

We went to the store today and Mattie picked out a Barbie that is dressed in some sort of mermaid get up.  She named her Ariel.

I don't want to be too quick to say..."and the rest is history."  But I will say it's a great start and I hope everything goes smoothly from here!

P.S.  The pacis are GONE - in the trash - so we're really praying!