Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Evan wanted to be scarier this year - but he certainly had his limits.  Blood, fangs and ghosts were out of the question - so he finally settled on Frankenstein.

 We stuffed Mattie Jane into a chick costume and she couldn't have been happier.

We spent an hour walking around Broadway as Evan diligently collected candy from every participating business.  He was so serious as he went from door to door - it was almost like a job for him.  We were entertained by all of the other costumes and I enjoyed a few pieces of candy myself - shhh!  Don't tell Evan.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thompson Farms

Fall weather is the primary reason I love being back in the Carolinas.  I wasn't able to get out too much last fall due to the birth of Mattie Jane so I have been seeking out any activities we can do to enjoy this perfect time of year.

Yesterday we made a trip out to Conway to visit Thompson Farms.  This farm, dating back to 1895, has historically been known for its local production and distribution of strawberries and various plants and flowers.  In just the past three years however, they have opened up their property to the public offering tours through their 10-acre corn maze, hayrides, animal feedings, pumpkin patch tours, etc.  They also designed a kids play area that is farm themed - activities include a corn kernel play box, lasso the bull horns game, water games - and many other creative events.

The corn kernel playbox was a kid favorite.  MJ was a bit unsure of it, but Evan seemed to dig it - literally.  We eventually had to pull him out because he was throwing corn kernels at all the other kids.  I found myself in an interesting position as I realized I had corn kernels down my pants in places they shouldn't be.  I'm sure other visitors were wondering what exactly I was digging for...

The handmade horsey swings were cute, as well as the goat feeders that thoroughly won Evan's attention.  All of the activities were made from existing farm materials.

We attempted the corn maze, but never made it all the way through.  Some how we we went in the wrong way and realized we were going backwards - oh wait, Robert was leading the way.  Why we let the most directionally challenged person lead the group - still not sure about that.  Luckily the maze wasn't too challenging.  We were able to backtrack and find our way out.  Did I mention it's not very fun to wander around?  I don't think I'll sign up for another maze tour any time soon.

We took advantage of the festive surroundings and took some family shots to add to our collection.  Mattie Jane seemed to really enjoy the endless rows of pumpkins.  We're excited to make a visit back in the spring for strawberry season!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cake and More Cake

Mattie Jane's one year celebration drew, not only her her immediate family, but Mimi, Uncle Todd, Barnes, Uncle Tim, Aunt Ruth and cousins Izzie and TJ.  She's a popular girl.  And I can't hide my excitement for having my entire family in town either.  I was elated.

Eventhough the visit was short, we packed in a day of birthday bliss on Saturday and some random fun on Sunday before everyone had to fly back to Chicago.

Evan didn't respond so well to having this many visitors in his home as once - not to mention they were all playing with his toys.

But family is family, right?  You gotta love one another.  The cousins warmed up to eachother eventually.

Besides, it was Mattie Jane's day and this day was all about cake...

Beyond that the day was literally driven by pictures with a special visit from a dear family friend, Lois.

I have to admit, it's not very often that I'm not happy to see company go - I literally welled up with tears to see this crowd leave. 

Love my family to pieces.