Memory Box for Evan

This is your baby book.  I had not started this blog yet so I made my best attempt at recording your first six months in here.  You will also find several ultrasound images, a cutting from your first hair cut (by Grandma Bopp), birthday cards and other notes I thought you might like to read one day.

This is a recording of my very first ultrasound with you.  I have no idea why it's on a VHS tape - I guess the doctor needs to update his equipment (hopefully we can get it transferred to a more modern format).  I was only about 6-7 weeks pregnant.  You were barely visible in the womb.

This DVD holds pictures and videos from a 3-D ultrasound we had done around 30 weeks.  It was amazing how clear your features were - we even saw you open and close your eyes.  We were certain you were a boy after this ultrasound.

In April of 2008 we traveled back to NC for a baby shower thrown by our dear friends, Kylie and Jessica.  Many of our friends gathered at the Santels home to honor your arrival to the world.  Most of those in attendance signed this frame which I never got around to putting your picture in (that's your stand-in baby - he's pretty cute, right?).

Granny made this beautiful blanket for you before you were born.  I believe she was 92 when she knitted it. 

Grandma Bopp made this sweet baby banket for you.  Your weight and length are recorded as well as the date of your birth.  Your name is special to Grandma because she too has the middle name Garland.  You are the 6th Garland from Grandma's side of the family.  Your first name, Evan, was chosen because my maiden name is Evans.  I wanted you to carry on a little part of my namesake too.

Oh, how we hated these keys.  You received these at one of my baby showers and really seemed to like them once you started teething (and there wasn't much you liked).  These keys made an obnoxious noise if they sensed any movement.  They were extremely sensitive therefore extremely annoying.  Our road trips were a bit tense thanks to this toy.

Daytona Beach = NASCAR  Mimi and Papa bought this hideous jacket for you on their way down to Ponce Inlet to visit.  Uncle Todd and I were going to the Daytona 500 that weekend and Mimi thought it would be funny for you to dress the part.  You LOVED this jacket.  Even though it still fit I put it in this box to spare you the embarrassment of wearing it - oh yeah, and it was PINK.
This diecast car was part of a set we purchased when you were about 15 months old.  This set was the first of many cars to come in the next few years, but this car (Nissan 350Z) in particular quickly became your favorite because you realized how much it resembled "Dada's car" (Nissaan Ultima).  Any time you spotted another Ultima on the road you would yell "there's a car like Dada's!"  This may not come as a surprise, but you named the car "Dada's car" and it had to go to bed with you (in addition to 3 other picks) every night. 
The joys of potty training.  This is a pair of your first underwear.  Lightening McQueen and friends quickly became your favorite characters due to your love of cars.  Peeing in the potty was any easy transition for you at 2 1/2.  Pooping, however, was a whole 'nother story.

You had your first Christmas performance with your two year old class at Belin Learning Center and we bought the DVD.  You got to play the part of Santa.  Your class performed signed language to a song that included Spanish words you were learning.  You said Mamasita a lot after learning this song.  You did so awesome.  I cried watching you perform because I was SO proud.