Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I feel like I've been on auto-pilot the last few weeks, hence my infrequent postings - but despite my busy schedule, I am determined to get something recorded from the last couple of weeks even if the subject matter lacks adventure or excitement.

We signed Evan up for the Kids Club at Frank Theaters Bowling.  One Saturday a month he either gets to view a free movie or bowl against other Kid Clubbers.  Last Saturday was his first shot at bowling which proved to be a challenge, but fun nonetheless.  We tried various methods of getting the ball down the alley, but Evan was absolutely insistent on one thing - doing it himself. It was a looong ten frames.

On a completely different note - more school pictures were taken, but this time we actually broke out the checkbook.  I've mentioned my dislike for cheesy props and hideous backdrops that many companies use - in fact, it goes beyond dislike - I loathe all of it.  But what about animal props?  REAL animal props?  Like a mini horse?

I nearly collapsed on the floor I was laughing so hard when I opened these.  Evan looked so darn cute and the mini horse was awesome!  The cowboy gear was even a cute touch - even if Evan is so NOT cowboy material.

And here's a few random pictures from the last few weeks...