Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making Me Laugh on the Reg

This kid has such a funny sense of humor. She seems to come by it so naturally too. She makes it way too difficult to get mad - she already knows to use her jokes against us. Oh, boy - we're screwed.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


After attending a gymnastics birthday party for one of Mattie's little friends, I was convinced she needed to be involved in the sport.  She was fearless (and reckless) and was so enthusiastic about everything she did - bars, rings, beam, trampoline - everything.

I signed her up for the Tumbling Tots class which she attends on Saturdays for 45 minutes.  We went for our second time today and we both had a blast.  She is so excited now as Saturday approaches and it's a bonus that her best little buddy from school, Harper, also participates.

Here is our future Olympian (ha) in action...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Productivity Feels So Good

Until just a few days ago, I was TWO YEARS behind on the family photo books I started after Evan was born.  This was one of those projects I vowed to continue in an effort to preserve memories and to make use of the thousands of pictures I take.  Of course I got a little off track.

I was so proud of the first two I made simply because we actually had pictures to look at in print and not on the computer.  The second book I made ended with Evan's 2nd birthday party and the announcement of Mattie Jane's due date that following October.  Let's just say after Mattie was born I got bogged down in Mommy duties that following year.  Once I allowed myself to be one year behind, I became overwhelmed and let yet another year sneak by me.  It's a vicious cycle - what can I say?

The last couple of breaks I've had from school, I kept promising myself I would take some time to get these photo books complete and up-to-date.  Unfortunately, vacations and holidays got in the way, and I should just confess that I am the world's WORST procrastinator.  But...I am happy to say that I finally completed the task at hand!

Let me proudly introduce...

Stinnett Family Yearbook, Volume III

Stinnett Family Yearbook, Volume IIII

Farewell to the Holidays

Didn't we just put up our tree and decorate for Christmas?  I'm always shocked when it suddenly hits me - the holidays are OVER!  All that time and energy spent to make wonderful memories seems to be history in a matter of seconds.  Well, I guess that's what pictures are for...

Evan and Mattie opened their Christmas Eve gift to set the tone for Christmas Day.  Christmas themed pajamas, movies and books were received this year.  Because Home Alone was such a hit the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve, it seemed appropriate that we watch Home Alone 2 before the kids went to bed.  They got two bonus movies as well (Home Alone 3 & 4 - I didn't even know those existed).

Christmas morning came early, around 6:15ish.  My eyes were burning and my head pounding from lack of sleep, but it was my duty to help "Santa" assemble toys and get them under the tree before morning.  I should add that "Santa" wasn't feeling too swift either.  The kids however were feeling great and extremely excited to see what Santa had left them.

Both kids ripped through their gifts, allowing just of enough time for a quick glimpse before they moved on to the next one.  When it was all over, everyone found a comfortable spot to relax to rest their eyes a bit before it was time to prepare our Christmas feast.

Robert did an amazing job with the prime rib and my mom served up her holiday specialties - spinach salad, Irish potatoes, oyster casserole and Nellie's pie for dessert.  I outdid myself with buttered corn as a side dish :)  But I did serve some delicious sausage roll-ups for breakfast - I'm not completely useless in the kitchen.

Uncle Todd and his...wait for it...fiance, Barnes spent the Holiday with us as well.  The newly engaged couple will have a very special Christmas of their own next year when they welcome Baby Olivia to the family.

It was indeed a Merry Christmas and it's starting out as a Happy New Year too!