Memory Box for Mattie Jane

We brought you home from the hospital in this outfit.  I debated buying this in a newborn size, but I knew you would be way too big, even at birth - so I bought size 0-3 months.

Grandma Bopp made you a baby blanket with your name, birthday, weight and length. We picked your name from our family tree.  Daddy's maternal Great-Great Grandma was named Mattie, as well as Daddy's paternal Grandma.  Your Great Mimi has a cousin named Jane. 

This is your baby book of sorts.  Because I had already started my blog by the time  I got pregnant with you, everything worth recording was done there.  So this book is where you will find hospital documents, cards, notes, etc.
This is a baby bracelet that Papa bought you after you were born.  It is a sterling silver cuff with turquoise stones purchased in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I only put it on you a few times, but never let you wear in fear that it might fall off.

These are pictures taken by Great Mimi.  You took your first trip down to Jupiter, FL at just 5 weeks old.  We spent Thanksgiving at Great Mimi and Great Papa's house.  My Uncle Terry, Mimi, your Uncle Todd and two of my cousins, Mary and Jimmy, were also there.