Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet Evan Dirt

Robert and I agreed that it was time to give Evan a trim around the ears and along his neck. Those long baby hairs have been hanging over his ears for a few weeks now and we've been joking about how our "redneck" kid is due for a haircut. Robert confidently took the scissors and against my urgings began cutting. But really, there was no beginning and end...Robert literally took the scissors and in one motion chopped the entire left side off above the ear. Evan is no longer a Stinnett, but a Dirt. Evan, meet Joe Dirt, your new Daddy. Evidently mullets are back, but still whack!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here Comes Uncle Jon, Here Comes Uncle Jon...

Uncle Jon came to visit for 10 days. I think Evan was confused towards the end because Robert worked an 80 hour week while Jonathan was here every minute of the day...I think he was wondering, "who's my Dada?"

Evan experienced his first few beach days and overall seemed to enjoy it. He munched away on the sand like it was his job, but had a not so pleasant experience with the ocean. The water was borderline freezing! Going from 80 degree air to 60 degree water is quite a shock. So he cried, well, more like screamed and we had to retire back to the chairs. Evan had his own little domain set up. I bought him a sun tent so he could play with his toys and lounge without frying that florescent white skin. It seemed to do the trick and allowed us time to relax ourselves.
We spent time down in Jupiter visiting my grandparents and I also dragged Jonathan to the Mother Goose class I'm doing with Evan on Thursday mornings. I think all the rug rats overwhelmed Uncle Jon, but amused him as well. Evan gets a kick out of staring at all the other babies. I think he wants to take one home with him, but Mommy said absolutely not. :)

We had a fun week and look forward to another visit.