Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kid Quote: Private Parts

I should've started recording all of the funny one liners Evan comes up with a long time ago - but his thoughtful statement today is a great one to start off with.

I bathed both kids this morning in preparation for our outing to the Festival of Hope.  Mattie is going through that very curious toddler stage where she wants to grab or pick up anything she sees - in this particular case, Evan's "wee wee" caught her eye under water so she attempted to grab it.  Evan told her not to grab his wee wee.  He said it wasn't very nice.  I further explained that those areas are private and that no one should be touching him there.

After we were out of the tub and dried off, Evan made a bee line to the bedroom to report the incident to Robert.  Evan clearly feels that wee wee incidents are of utmost importance because he makes a point to report them to both parents - always.  I overheard him telling Robert that Mattie tried to touch his wee wee in the bathtub.  Robert responded with advice similar to mine, but it was Evan's thoughtful, yet somewhat logical statement that he delivered afterwards that had us laughing all day.

Evan says, "Mattie doesn't have a wee wee like me.  Mattie has two butts."

And just how do you respond to that with out laughing?

Monday, April 23, 2012

18 Months

That's my baby girl - growing up (and becoming such a class act - just like her mama). 

Mattie Jane's 18 month well visit indicated that she continues to grow like a weed and that she has a third nipple.  Interesting, right?  She has a small indentation about three inches below her right nipple.  Our pediatrician explained that as the nipples are forming and positioning themselves correctly, sometimes one can hesitate leaving a tiny mark.  This is referred to as a third nipple.  I will go ahead and apologize for any embarrassment this post might cause my sweet girl down the road.

Mattie's current stats are as follows:

Height:  35 in. (95+%)
Weight:  30.5 lbs (95+%)
Head Circumference:  19 3/4 cm (95+%)

Is it funny to anyone else that at 18 months Mattie is wearing a 3T?  We're assuming at some point she'll plateau like Evan did and we can stop buying her so many clothes.  But who am I kidding - it's too much fun buying little girl's clothes. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter