Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Missed Moments

As I was giving Mattie Jane a bath tonight, I watched her do one cute thing after another. She made an attempt at singing the ABC's, she splished and splashed with a smile full of teeth, she drank her own bath water and thought it was hilarious - and all the while, I sat there thinking...I should go get my camera.  But instead of getting up, I sat there and argued with myself.

Good Mama:  You should really go get your camera.
Bad Mama:  I'm too tired.
Good Mama:  Think about how many pictures you took of Evan at this age.
Bad Mama:  I take more pictures than most people - and again, I'm reeaally tired.
Good Mama:  But you should take the moment, right now - who cares if you're tired - and take some damn pictures - you'll appreciate it later.

I'm happy to report that Good Mama won this battle.

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Score said...

Love the last pic of them and the one of Evan's evil face. Miss you!