Monday, April 23, 2012

18 Months

That's my baby girl - growing up (and becoming such a class act - just like her mama). 

Mattie Jane's 18 month well visit indicated that she continues to grow like a weed and that she has a third nipple.  Interesting, right?  She has a small indentation about three inches below her right nipple.  Our pediatrician explained that as the nipples are forming and positioning themselves correctly, sometimes one can hesitate leaving a tiny mark.  This is referred to as a third nipple.  I will go ahead and apologize for any embarrassment this post might cause my sweet girl down the road.

Mattie's current stats are as follows:

Height:  35 in. (95+%)
Weight:  30.5 lbs (95+%)
Head Circumference:  19 3/4 cm (95+%)

Is it funny to anyone else that at 18 months Mattie is wearing a 3T?  We're assuming at some point she'll plateau like Evan did and we can stop buying her so many clothes.  But who am I kidding - it's too much fun buying little girl's clothes. 

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Score said...

Such a great pic I can't wait to see her in June. If I remember correctly, wasn't Evan in 3T at 18 months too?