Thursday, January 3, 2013

Productivity Feels So Good

Until just a few days ago, I was TWO YEARS behind on the family photo books I started after Evan was born.  This was one of those projects I vowed to continue in an effort to preserve memories and to make use of the thousands of pictures I take.  Of course I got a little off track.

I was so proud of the first two I made simply because we actually had pictures to look at in print and not on the computer.  The second book I made ended with Evan's 2nd birthday party and the announcement of Mattie Jane's due date that following October.  Let's just say after Mattie was born I got bogged down in Mommy duties that following year.  Once I allowed myself to be one year behind, I became overwhelmed and let yet another year sneak by me.  It's a vicious cycle - what can I say?

The last couple of breaks I've had from school, I kept promising myself I would take some time to get these photo books complete and up-to-date.  Unfortunately, vacations and holidays got in the way, and I should just confess that I am the world's WORST procrastinator.  But...I am happy to say that I finally completed the task at hand!

Let me proudly introduce...

Stinnett Family Yearbook, Volume III

Stinnett Family Yearbook, Volume IIII

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Score said...

These are fabulous! I can't say enough how much I love them and your photos. Good job!