Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Girl Room

I've been slowly transitioning Mattie's room from a nursery to a "big girl room" since December.  Bringing in a bed was obviously the game changer, but bedding and decor also make a considerable difference in the maturity of a room. 

As I've mentioned before, I absolutely loathe themed rooms - princesses, Disney characters, butterflies, ladybugs - you can have it.  In my opinion, that is not a room a little girl can grow in or with.  I have always preferred something more simplistic and clean - centered more around color.

That is why I went with a red bed.  Originally I thought I wanted white, but once I found the style of bed I was looking for, but in red - I was SOLD.  I looked on Craigslist for quite awhile trying to find the perfect Jenny Lind spindle bed.  I was open to the different variations of spindles that are out there, but I really wanted the thick chunky ones.  I finally found a seller in Wilmington who had just what I was looking for...

Once the bed was in the room, finding coordinating pieces came rather easily.  I purchased a white parsons desk along with a storage unit.  The rest of the furniture was either already in her room (side pedestal table and zigzag bookcase) or was stored in our garage (antique dresser).  I painted the antique dresser turquoise and put new hardware on it...and I ADORE it!

The afghan at the end of the bed is a family heirloom.  Granny (Robert's grandmother) knitted it more than 20 years ago.  It's something that brings meaning to the room, not to mention a fabulous color!

Most of the decorative pieces are Mattie's own work.  All kids love to see their own drawings and projects displayed.  With all the creative things that Mattie brings home with her from school, I couldn't resist decorating her room with her own art.  Most of it is displayed  on her cork board, but there are a few pieces hanging in other spaces on her walls.

Along with the rest of the world, I have been digging the colorful pom pom garlands posted all over Pinterest.  I looked into buying a few strands, but was shocked at what people were selling them for - I mean it's yarn, for crying out loud.  So I decided to pinch my pennies and go the DIY route...

And the bonus?  I have enough yarn to make pom poms for days!  I'm sure they'll make an appearance at the next few birthday parties.

Here is a full view of Mattie's bedroom...

She's growing up, y'all!

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Score said...

Sorry I missed this in my newborn-baby haze. I love it!