Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Thanksgiving Tradition

We've started a new Thanksgiving tradition - explore a different city or town each year.  Our first choice was the NC mountains, but it seems everyone and their brother had that idea this year.  We couldn't find a rental under $250 a night.  So we turned to the southern, charming city of Savannah instead.

Man, are we pleased so far.  Our rental, located at 116 West Liberty St., is tastefully decorated and in walking distance to everything.

Day 1:  We explored the city by foot.  Walked down Broughton where all the shopping takes place.  Most of the shops were closed for the holiday, but we managed to score a Starbucks coffee to warm ourselves (it was even 45 degrees here).  We moseyed down Bay St. and all the streets in between to where we're staying admiring all of the beautiful architecture and appreciating the historical significance.  We ate dinner at the Chart House which is housed in the oldest masonry building in Georgia.  Dinner is always a treat there and visiting our friend, Michael, was a bonus.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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