Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting Everyone Up-To-Date

Evan will be officially 6 months old on January 11th. I honestly thought for about the first 4 months he only had two emotions... cranky and crankier. It about got the best of me, but I plunged through and finally have a baby that smiles and laughs and displays a fun personality...thanks to Similac's ever-so-expensive Alimentum formula. The price, I realize, is not an issue anymore because I would literally take out a loan to make sure we have this on hand at ALL times. I'd much rather be in debt with a happy baby than the reverse. At least I have my sanity back. No more allergies for Evan and no more meltdowns for Mommy! Life is good.

Evan is currently mastering the skill of steam rolling. A few days ago I experienced every mother's nightmare when Evan went steam rolling right off the edge of the bed. The thud and the scream that followed had me in a tizzy as I rushed over to see if he was ok. I believe he was more frightened than hurt because I've heard him cry a lot louder. He was happy in about 2 minutes after many kisses and many "oh, my god, I'm so sorry...I'm such a horrible mothers!" Thanks to a hard noggin (I think it comes from both sides of the family) he was A-ok. And Yes, Mom, I know you told me so!!!! I'll listen to you next time...(seems like I've been saying that for years).

In addition to the steam rolling, Evan is also on the cusp of sitting unsupported. He manages to slump over and hold himself up with his hands, but I think his jelly belly is so big that it takes his breath away to sit like that. So he usually just falls over to one side. He's getting there. I'm sure we'll wake up one random morning and there he'll be sitting in his crib waving and grinning and asking mama and dada if he can borrow the car for awhile. It certainly feels like he's developing that quickly.

As you can probably tell, Evan is a great eater. We began rice cereal last week and he took to it like he was eating from a spoon in the womb. After his 6 month check-up we move on to fruits and vegetables. I'm thrilled when I think about the mess!!Weighing in at 21lbs and measuring at the length of 28in., our son is in the 98th percentile in both categories. I can understand the height, but the weight is a mystery. Or is it...Dad? ha! Of course Robert has already contacted the UT athletics department to put Evan's name in their ears so he'll have a spot on the football team in the future. Let's just hope they're not playing as poorly in 18years as they did this year! I don't care what sport he plays as long as he goes pro and takes care of his parents! :)

From this point on, I will try to keep everyone informed of Evan's developments and post many pictures for you to enjoy. I'll be sure to include any special outings we take or activities we engage keep checking back for more!

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katemo said...

oh, amanda, i so enjoyed my trip and tour through evan's life. you all sound so happy and blessed. and amanda, not to make you say oh ****, my dear faith has been on Alimentuntum since birth. your day at he sound looked like great fun. love to all. thanks for sharing