Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seven Months Already?!

Evan turns 7 months old today. I can't believe it. His 4 month long stretch of colicky behavior made time literally stand still, yet at the same time, he has made so many amazing developments along the way that I realize time has absolutely flown by right before our eyes.
Today I conquered the daunting task of going through and pulling out all the various pieces of clothing I want to keep for the next rugrat and putting aside all the pieces I will sell on Ebay, my economical friend. As I was holding the 0-3 month jammies I found myself getting emotional because I could barely remember Evan being that small. And then I realized, oh, wait, he never was that small. He wasn't like all the other newborns...Evan walked out of the womb. This thought did however still make me sad because the true realization was that he is growing up so fast. It makes me wonder, am I enjoying every day to it's fullest potential? Am I savoring every memory of every day? And all I can say is, "I hope so." I have the camera snapping and the video taping hoping to get it all on record. It seems like he has a new smile or a new patch of hair every morning when I see him. I'm so eager to see the man he'll grow into, but I'm so sad to see the sweet baby grow up. I imagine this is a common sentiment among parents...but knowing that doesn't make the feeling any less present.
Happy Birthday, Evan. xoxo


Anonymous said...

We can't wait for their first words and their first steps and then when they get a little older we can't wait for them to sit down and be quiet. It is a totally normal parent thing.

Amanda said...

I've been told that many times...but curiosity always seems to get the best of me! :)