Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Walk in the Park

You would think the Town of Ponce Inlet would have enough money to repair the playground equipment at the public park, but apparently not. The equipment has been roped off with caution tape for several months now. Evan and I go for a stroll almost every day and I keep thinking these public service workers might get on the ball and have the playground up and functioning again. I continue to be disappointed.

So today I decided to go in search of another park so Evan could at some point experience a swing or a slide before he's reached his school years. I drove around for about 30 minutes before I found a public park nestled back behind an older neighborhood in Daytona Shores. It was in great shape and there was not another soul in sight. Bingo. We were able to swing on the swing set and go down the slide. I also tried to force the monkey bars on Evan but he wasn't quite catching the concept. I believe the slide was his favorite and definitely the most dangerous which was probably the attraction. We'll be heading back when Daddy can tag along. Sliding and taking pictures simultaneously didn't produce the best pictures. But I did capture a few cute moments.

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