Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Similac,

The 6 1/2 months I have known you could only be described as turbulent, yet liberating. Our first encounter was not a planned meeting, but I was curious to see what you had to offer. Your proposal was ridiculously costly, but your guarantee to "calm colicky babies" was all I needed for a quick sale. Amanda meet Alimentum; Alimentum meet Amanda. I wasn't very happy with you at the beginning because your calming technique wasn't as successful as I had hoped for, but an improvement nonetheless. And hey, who honestly LOVES to breastfeed? So your substitution was a great excuse to pack away the nursing bras.

I was advised by my doctor to use Alimentum sparingly. He felt the weaning process to "Regular" would be easier if we didn't allow Alimentum to stay too long and get comfortable. He was right, as usual. The weaning process was a breeze and "Regular" took over nicely. He has been a great companion for the last five months and our contract isn't up for another two weeks...but guess what people? Sue me, hang me, whatever you want...we're not paying for this companionship any longer. We think we're now well equipped to move on without your assistance. I have an old friend that I'm introducing that has an impeccable work history and doesn't expect much in return. (Evan meet Vitamin D Milk; Vitamin D Milk meet Evan).

Similac, I'm sure we'll be doing business again. Let "Regular" know we hope to stick with him the whole time the next go 'round.

The Stinnetts

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Score said...

You're a funny girl! I'm glad you've gotten rid of the formula days. Emme Caroline is so cute and tiny!