Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We're In The Army Now

The last time I took Evan to have his hair trimmed they charged me the INSANE price of $13. I about gave the lady a "YOU'RE KIDDING ME, RIGHT?" But I just chuckled to myself, paid for it and vowed to never pay for his haircut again. It's amazing how things can backfire on you.

We have trimmed Evan's hair a couple of times since his birth, but nothing too extreme. Over the past 15 months his hair has stayed relatively the same length on top, but has become excessively thick in the back. He was beginning to have this hideous overhang of hair on his shirt collar and we decided we couldn't tolerate it anymore. Staying true to my vow of never paying for a haircut, Robert attempted to give Evan a haircut just to thin out the back a bit...

Robert's attempt left Evan with a Billy Ray Cyrus 'do that was not gonna work for me. I gave in to my unwillingness of wanting to pay for his haircut and took him to a barber.

I explained to the barber that I all I wanted was for him to thin out the back of Evan's hair giving an all over even cut. I wasn't aware that I had to also instruct him on what tools I wanted him to use. I was sitting in the seat with Evan on my lap and all of sudden we were both startled by the loud buzzing of the shears he used to buzz all of Evan's hair off in a matter of seconds. I never even saw it coming. What happened to using scissors? Seeing all those long, fine baby hairs dump into my lap in clumps made me really sad. When the barber was done and I looked at Evan in the mirror all I could think of doing was saluting him...we were already sending him off to bootcamp. Does this mean we have an Army brat? (ha ha) And to really add salt to the wound I had to pay $12 for this insanity!

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Anonymous said...

Evan Looks really cute.. It dosen't look bad at all it jsut not as thick as it use to be. I can't wait untill I am done with school and I will show you how to cut his hair. At the school even for an adult hair cut it's $5 dollars. Yeah $13 was a little exspensive for a childs cut maybe $8 would for be more real. Dan pays that price for his cut, But not for long haha.... I love that you have this I can what Evan grow from hundreds of miles away. He seems like such a happy baby. Well love chat soon Love you Erin