Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Holiday Blues

Normally my blues would've kicked in on Sunday after my family left, but Robert had his two days off Sunday and Monday.  So today was that day when I realized the holidays were over and it was back to the normal routine of life.  Not that the normal routine isn't great - because honestly, getting out of my routine is what usually drives me crazy - but the holidays are different.  I plan and look forward to the holidays for at least six weeks.  With that kind of build up and then only a few days to spend celebrating - well - it takes a toll.

Most of the world still has this week to look forward to with New Year's right around the corner, but unfortunately, Robert's job holds him hostage on New Year's Eve.  Evidently counting inventory is more important than sipping champagne and kissing your loved one at midnight.  Thank you, Landry's, for making that decision for all of us. You'll find me in bed watching a bunch of crazies in Time Square freezing their butts off while waiting for the ball to drop. I'll probably be accompanied by a a carton of ice cream or maybe a package of Oreos.

In other words - I'll use this week to feel sorry for myself.

In the eight years that Robert and I have been together we were able to celebrate one New Year's Eve - 2006 at Amanda and Scott's house in Fort Myers.  So for memories' sake:

Katie, Me, Spencer & Kenny

Spencer & Robert

I think we had a pretty good time.  And come to think of it, Spencer and Katie are in the same no celebrating new years boat.  So Katie - wanna share my ice cream on Thursday night?

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Score said...

LOVE IT! miss you....