Monday, February 15, 2010

Daytona 500

And the verdict is...

A pretty awesome experience.  I still think the sport of car racing is pointless, but the Nascar experience is one of a kind.

What I enjoyed most was people watching.  As you can imagine, there were some rather interesting characters roaming around.  The hair dos were hideous, the outfits frightening and the behavior just plain outrageous - but all very entertaining.

The race was delayed too many times to even count so we didn't stay for the entire time.  But during the delays we met quite a few fans who were, without question, having a good 'ole time.  We cheered them on as they bonged their budweisers and they shared many stories that had us laughing for the duration of the delays.

This experience was certainly a memorable one for me.  But I"m not so sure it will be memorable for everyone.  I guess the Speedway can be blamed for that seeing how they allow fans to bring in their own coolers of beer.  What other sporting event allows that?  Only Nascar, of course.

Cheers to Todd and Katie for a good time.


Laura said...

I've been to the Charlotte race a few times and people watching is the best part by far! More sporting events should allow coolers :)

Michele said...

Hey Amanda, Evan reminds me of you & your bro's when yall were little. I know you are having as much fun w/him as I did yall!
Wish JW & I had been at the race w/yall. Todd lookin' good & the pics of your family are super.
J & I stay busy having a ton of fun. I even went skiing (backwards down the slope) at Wintergreen a few weeks ago!.
Give my love to everybody. Hope to see you & Robert & meet Evan soon!
Michele xxx ooo