Saturday, February 20, 2010

Noted Developments

I have to keep reminding myself to make a point to record Evan's developments because I will, without a doubt, be that parent who won't be able to recall the age when their child first said please or thank you or announced he had a "stinky." (by the way - my dad thinks it's ridiculous that we ask Evan if he has a stinky.  He thinks we should express it in a more masculine manner by asking if he - get this- took a dump.  What!? Crass, I know.  No wonder I was such a tomboy growing up.)

So it's important to note that Evan's language has really developed over the last month (18 mo - 19 mo).  He likes to mimic everything I say now which is very entertaining.  His pronunciations are a bit off, but that makes it even funnier.  For example, he loves calling for our dog, Peppers.  Except when he calls for him it sounds more like this:  *scream* Peppooo! *scream* Peppooo!  He screams every time he gets excited and he'll do it over and over again.  It happens every morning when the garbage truck comes down our road too.  He screams and runs to the window and almost tears the blinds off.  He screams over and over again, "It's a guck!  It's a guck!"  It's even more entertaining when the truck comes really early and Evan is still in his crib - through the monitor we hear, *scream* "It's a guck!" *scream* "It's a guck!" 

While my family was here last week it took Evan all of a few minutes to learn who was Mimi and who was Todd.  He loves to announce when someone is walking into the room.  If my mom would walk in he would point and say, "It's Mimi."  Or when Todd would come in he'd say, "It's To (pronounced with a short o).  He attempted to say grandpa a few times, but it just wasn't flowing correctly.  So he settled for dada which was a little creepy.

In addition to an increased vocabulary, he knows all of the animals and their sounds, he knows his body parts and where they are and he knows shapes and colors - among other things.  He loves to sit in my lap with a book and I'll ask him to point to all the different things on the page.  He is always so proud of himself when we make it to the last page because his favorite part is saying "the end."

And the one, not so pleasant, development is his constant use of the word "no."  He says it ALL the time.  He'll say it even when there's no need to say it.  My mom made a good point when she said he probably likes hearing himself say that particular word.  It is one of the few words he says correctly, so that could definitely be the case.  It's not so cute however when we're strolling through the grocery store and he's repeatedly saying "no, no, no.  Other shoppers are looking at me like don't you discipline your child?  It doesn't help that he looks like he's 3 years old either.

He's growing up fast.

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Score said...

Maybe you should try Papa for your dad. That's much less creepy!