Sunday, August 14, 2011

A House Full of Memories

Since the passing of my brother two years ago, I have struggled to rid myself of feeling broken.  The ring that once represented my family lost a critical piece that doesn't allow it to come full circle any more.  There have been other resulting causes as well, but I know every member of my family feels the disconnection and deals with its effects every day.

The only escape I have from this heart breaking reality are my memories which primarily take place in my childhood home - the home where we all grew up together - the home where everything made sense and everything was good.  It was our safe haven then - and now it is my refuge.

I make a visit to McDeeds Creek Road almost every day.  I play football with my brothers in the backyard hoping to make a few good tackles.  We build huge forts in the woods and beg my parents to let us sleep there for the night.  We challenge each other to races in the swimming pool and play two-on-two basketball until it's time to come in for dinner.

My family sits down to eat at our table for six as my mom serves one of her delicious home cooked meals.  My brothers and I argue about something trivial as my dad threatens a consequence if we don't be quiet.  I hear my mom asking why we can't ever be nice to one another - and in my mind I laugh.

For almost 18 years I thought life was easy.  I thought life was about playing and fighting with my siblings.  I thought life was simple and good.  At McDeeds Creek Road life was all these things - that's why I make my frequent visits - because that is where our ring came full circle.

In remembrance...


Score said...

great slideshow. I got a little choked up watching it. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, what a wonderful tribute to Jonathan - I am glad I was able to be a part of yall's growing up on McDeed's Creek - whenever I have a blitz in my life, I too go back to my childhood home. Yall were lucky kids to have had each other and I feel honored to have known you all. You are one special very talented young lady & I love you very much!
Michele & JW

Jessica Santel said...

Beautiful Amanda. Wonderful slideshow. I love you :)