Friday, October 21, 2011

Cake and More Cake

Mattie Jane's one year celebration drew, not only her her immediate family, but Mimi, Uncle Todd, Barnes, Uncle Tim, Aunt Ruth and cousins Izzie and TJ.  She's a popular girl.  And I can't hide my excitement for having my entire family in town either.  I was elated.

Eventhough the visit was short, we packed in a day of birthday bliss on Saturday and some random fun on Sunday before everyone had to fly back to Chicago.

Evan didn't respond so well to having this many visitors in his home as once - not to mention they were all playing with his toys.

But family is family, right?  You gotta love one another.  The cousins warmed up to eachother eventually.

Besides, it was Mattie Jane's day and this day was all about cake...

Beyond that the day was literally driven by pictures with a special visit from a dear family friend, Lois.

I have to admit, it's not very often that I'm not happy to see company go - I literally welled up with tears to see this crowd leave. 

Love my family to pieces.


Laura M said...

love the shots with the kids in the chairs. looks like a great weekend!

Score said...

Looks like a good time. Tim's kids are super cute! Of course Mattie and Evan are too. Love the pics of his tantrum.

Kylie said...

Love love love absolutely love the pics of Evan all mad, so funny! :) So good to be with family.