Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

Evan made his first appearance in the Dentist's Chair today (and a dreaded chair in my opinion).  The kid blew me away with his willingness to cooperate and his ability to stay out of trouble while I too got the dental treatment.  I then had to remind myself of Evan's "public self" and his "home self."  The bad behaviors he displays at home do not ever come out in front of others while out in public.  I guess this can be considered a blessing.  Nevertheless, he was fantastic at the dentist's office and was so brave - I beamed with pride, I really did.

His teeth were x-rayed and cleaned and then Dr. John came in to offer his final overview.  Results were great.  We were suggested to continue what we're doing at home because it's working.  I gave myself a pat on the back and Evan picked a prize out of the prize basket.

And having Dora to entertain us while we waited to check-out didn't hurt either.  First trip to the dentist was a success.


Score said...

So glad he did well. I'm sure you were worried.

Emmy Summers said...

Congrats on a successful trip. And may any visit in the future be the same. It's nice to see kids cooperating at the dentist's. Coming up with good results is a treat as well.