Saturday, December 22, 2012

We Three Kings + a Ballerina

Evan's Pre-K class performed the Christmas Story for Belin's Holiday program this year.  I was so impressed by all of the kids' performances, but of course I was most impressed by Evan's ( I'm his mom for crying out loud). 

Playing the part of King #2, he had one very important line to say - "We must follow it!"  Not only was he right on cue, but he said it loud and with feeling! Ha!  It was awesome - just as we practiced at home.   He also belted out the Christmas songs like it was his job.  I was one proud mama.

Mattie Jane's toddler class did an elegant performance of the Nutcracker.  There were toddlers in tutus dancing all over that stage - some crying, some laughing, some standing totally still.  Mattie began the performance like a deer in headlights.  She was frantically scanning the audience looking for me, but to avoid having a repeat performance from the Halloween parade (complete breakdown), I tried to hide behind the people in front of me while I took pictures.

When she couldn't find me in the audience, the water works began.  It was heart breaking.  But I just kept hoping she would get over it and start dancing with her friends.

Mattie managed to get herself together - and she danced jumped...

and danced jumped...


and danced jumped!

And as the performance came to a close, Mattie stopped, looked around...and spotted me in the audience.  The breakdown began...

But everything was fine once we reunited.  She was back to her beautiful ballerina self.

Sadly, Robert's plane was delayed in New York due to the weather.  He made it in time to pick us all up.  And while he was highly disappointed, I'm happy I was able to share numerous pictures and video of the performances.

I absolutely live for this kind of stuff now!  What a great start to our holiday!!

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Score said...

As bold as she is, I can't believe she cries like that on stage. They are super cute though. Merry Christmas! Call when you get a chance.