Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dear Santa

Santa is more present than ever this year.  Evan believes that he is peering down on him at all times and watching every move.  Do you understand how awesome this is for discipline purposes?  All I have to say is "Santa just saw what you did!  You better improve your behavior quickly before he decides to give your gift to another little boy."  Usually Evan sheds a tear or two and then does the most amazing turn around!  I wish I had this leverage all year long.

Evan has been counting the days 'til Christmas since Thanksgiving.  Not only does he count down the dates, but he also tracks the days of the week too.  Every day he's been saying something like,"Mama, tomorrow will be Friday, number 21 and Christmas is on number 25.  Only 4 more days until Santa comes!"  Not only am I amazed by his calendar skills, but his spirit of Christmas is what the holiday is all about.  By his request, we have read The Night Before Christmas every night since the first week of December (thank you, Grandma Bopp).  We have also watched Home Alone every day for the past two weeks and sometimes even twice in one day.

Mattie and Evan take these positions every night to watch Home Alone in our bed.

Mattie is also very spirited this year, but in a different way.  She basically repeats whatever Evan is doing or saying, but gets a real kick out of all of it.  She loves singing Christmas songs and her favorite (and funniest) saying is, "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!"  She says it every time she sees Santa whether it be in person or a picture. 

So, what's on the Christmas lists this year?  Mattie is simple.  She simply told Santa she wanted presents.  When encouraged to be more specific, she always says baby doll.  I'm pretty certain she has no clue what she wants.  Besides, she just wants to play with whatever Evan is playing with.

Evan's list is a little more involved.  His list for Santa is as follows:
  • race car
  • football
  • go cart
  • little cars (matchbox)
  • big car (not sure what he means by this)
  • baseball glove and baseball
  • light-up ball
  • gloves
  • boots
I think Santa can handle most of that.  I wish Christmas could stay this easy for future years, but we know they only become more specific and more expensive.  We'll have to enjoy this while it lasts! 

Evan and Mattie had breakfast with Santa yesterday and they both got to rattle off their lists while smiling pretty for the camera.  Mattie was not afraid this year, but she still showed a little resistance - she's still suspicious of that beard.

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