Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Orioles Baseball

We have finally reached the point that all dads (and many moms like me) have been waiting for the moment they heard those exciting words, "It's a boy!" - SPORTS!

We registered Evan in the Summer Coach Pitch Baseball League and have been so excited to get the games underway.  I think it's even possible that we were way more excited than Evan - in fact, I know we were.

I need to preface my gallery of game pics by saying Evan's enthusiasm for baseball is a bit lackluster.  We haven't yet determined if he's playing to please us or because he really wants to.  I believe he genuinely enjoys the camaraderie of his team, but when it comes to actually hitting the field, he could take it or leave it.

We have definitely seen some improvement from the very beginning.  He has yet to hit a ball from the pitcher, but he is hitting off the tee a lot better.  His fielding skills are a mystery because he refuses to attack a ball or catch a ball.  He leaves that up to his teammates.

All in all, we've decided to just follow his lead.  If I learned one thing growing up, it was that you can't force a child to do anything - at least not if you want them to be happy.  All we want is for Evan to be happy and to have fun!

Evan's #1 fan

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Score said...

I'm sure he'll get it eventually. It took Carter a while, but now he's great at hitting and a little better at fielding. The pics are so cute!