Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Vacation

What an amazing vacation.

To leisurely hang out with my family and my best friends for an entire week is priceless.  But of course, it came and went so quickly that it all seems like a blurr.

We were all so excited to see our kids play together - finally!  Too much time passes until we realize that our kids barely even know each other.  Well, we took care of that on this vacation.  The kids (with the exception of Ellie) all slept in the same room, piled into two bunkbeds almost every night.  They whispered and giggled well past their bedtime, but we allowed them the childhood experience.

As for the adults, we stayed up way past our bedtimes too and then had to tend to rowdy children at the crack of dawn every morning.  We certainly did not enjoy that part of the vacation.

Every day was beach then pool and finished off with an amazing home cooked meal.  We managed to leave our beach house to spend a few hours at the water park one day, but our mutual goal for the week was to relax and hang out - I think we succeeded.

Here's to an annual trip!


Emma Bickel said...

Hate that we missed it. Looks like so much fun! Guess Mattie was having a bad day on picture day. still so cute, though. Love the thumbs up photo of Noah and Evan at the end.

Score said...

That first comment was from me. was signed in for work. haha