Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sumo Baby

I took Evan for his 12 month check up today. I always know to expect comments made about his weight. For example, "wow, your husband must be big." Um, actually no, he's not...probably leaner than me. Or, "how much are you feeding this boy?" Not any more than recommended. In fact, most people think I'm going overboard on my healthy food choices for him. What's so wrong with having a larger than normal baby? My pediatrician actually told me today that he hasn't seen a 12 month old that large in a loooong time. And he even stressed the word long just like that. I just laughed it off and thought to myself, "I bet my kid would totally beat up your kid."

Our conversation eventually led to the topic of Evan's botched circumcision. For those of you who are not aware, my OB in Fort Myers evidently gave Evan a "low lying" circumcision which means the bare minimum of skin was taken off. I imagine this is a great concept unless you're dealing with a sumo baby that has a lot of fat which starts to push down on the remaining skin. When this happens the skin starts to reattach itself and the "turtle" no longer has a head peeping out. So, literally, for the past 10 months every visit we have made to the pediatrician he has had to tear the skin back to prevent it from reattaching. Seriously, my private areas were hurting just watching this happen. The hope was that at some point Evan would thin out and this would allow the skin to retract some on its own. Well, it's clear that no thinning out has taken place therefore it appears that Evan has never had a circumcision. The million dollar question now is: Recircumcise or not?? Also, should we have to pay for this procedure?

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