Monday, July 27, 2009

For Lunch: Beach Sand and a Tall Glass of Ocean Water

Did I mention we have a water baby? Evan's love for the ocean can't go unnoticed. He gives us quite a workout as we chase him around and wrestle him back to shore completely against his will. Round two follows almost immediately and Robert and I paper, rock, scissors for the next turn...rounds three, four and five usually have us packing up early. And we though the beach was for relaxation?
The gallons of salt water Evan swallows seems to have him begging for more. Of course he does need something to wash down the pounds of beach sand he eagerly devours.
Robert bought him a snazzy little floaty so that he could enjoy the water without the fear of submersion everytime a wave rolls in. As you can see, he was absolutely delighted. And it saved us a little energy too.

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Kylie said...

I think he might be thinning out just a little... maybe? The ocean freaked Noah out last year after we let a massive wave take him down. I'm hoping to repair that damage soon!