Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lovies Have Been Identified

Evan received numerous stuffed animals as gifts that I have displayed around his nursery. I picked out the four softest to put in the crib with him so that he would have a few buddies to hang out with before he went to sleep at night. For the first 9 months or so he expressed no interest in these animals. In fact, he would throw them out of the crib one by one before he went to sleep. I thought this was odd considering most babies pick out some sort of animal or a blanket that they love on and then decide they can't live without. America's favorite sextuplets, The Gosselins, call these their "lovies." But they chew and suck on their lovies which I think is absolutely disgusting - but that is neither here nor there...back to Evan.

I've been noticing over the past few months that he's been showing special attention to two particular stuffed animals. He has a teddy bear that Katie and Spencer gave him in the hospital and a Curious George monkey that Grandma and Grandpa Bopp gave him when he was born. I refer to the teddy bear as his "downstairs lovie" and Curious George as his "upstairs lovie." For some unknown reason Evan is only attached to the teddy bear when he's in his crib. Curious George goes in the crib at night too, but Evan just gives him the cold shoulder. His attention is solely on the teddy bear. He lovingly wraps his arms around the bear before he goes to sleep every night. When I walk into the nursery in the morning Evan is always sitting or standing playing with the teddy bear. Curious George is usually head first into the bookcase. It's almost like Curious George is his wife and the teddy bear is his mistress. If that's the case I have A LOT of parenting to do before he becomes a man!

After the poop incident I had to wash all of Evan's stuffed animals and let them air dry before I could put them back in the crib. Curious George was the last one I washed so he was the last one drying upstairs. When Evan spotted George sitting on the table he acted like he was being reunited with his long lost friend. He ran over to George and grabbed him up and literally carried him around for the rest of the day. Every now and then Evan would hold him up and babble a bit and then give him a really big hug and laugh and laugh and laugh. It really was quite hysterical. I now leave George upstairs because that's evidently where he's appreciated.

So in addition to his obsession with cars, trucks and tractors he has a little soft spot for his lovies too.

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