Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introducing My First Guest Blogger

After reading my post, 40 Things I Learned From My Husband, Robert's mom thought it would be fun to reminisce a bit and come up with 40 of her own things she learned from Robert growing up. A mother's perspective is one we can all relate to and one we can certainly all respect. Pay extra attention to #40...this woman knows what she's talking about!

40 Things I Learned from Robert (as he was growing up) by Dixie Bopp

  1. “If I had wanted to be upside down in Mom’s tummy, I would have turned that way myself.”
  2. You have to be still in order to go to sleep. (Robert was never still)
  3. Walking is a waste of time – go straight to running.
  4. Getting stitches is a lot of fun.
  5. I was a bad Mother for not taking him to get stitches when he cut his head.
  6. Fishing is wonderful therapy for an ADHD kid.
  7. There is a d├ęcor called “early jungle”.
  8. Spaghetti and pizza are real American foods.
  9. Don’t try to put the gas nozzle back in the car’s gas tank if it falls out.
  10. Robert can sleep through anything – even the 24-hour bug (both ends).
  11. A smile can steal my heart – even when he has pushed all my buttons.
  12. Optimism is a great trait.
  13. Getting your finger stuck for a blood test is a lot of fun.
  14. Smoking is forbidden, even in summer school.
  15. A pierced ear is not worth having if it is going to upset your Mother.
  16. The only way to find out if you like to play a sport is to play the sport.
  17. Never say, “I can’t do that”. You don’t know until you try.
  18. Being engaged at the age of 4 doesn’t work out the way you hoped.
  19. You don’t need a bed to sleep in – an inflatable boat works just as well.
  20. When you get taller, you can jump high enough to leave fingerprints on the ceiling.
  21. God takes care of little children and fools.
  22. One-fourth of a bottle of Triaminic will make a kid sleep a long time.
  23. Silence is golden. Unfortunately, we never got to find out for ourselves.
  24. Mailboxes and Toyotas don’t mix. Especially when you are 15.
  25. Never be anywhere on time. It will drive everyone crazy!!
  26. You can drive your teachers crazy by scoring high on your ACT test when they thought you were never listening.
  27. Just when you think you have experienced everything as a mother, Robert will come up with something new.
  28. A metal vacuum cleaner hose makes a great pretend shotgun.
  29. BB guns should not be used to threaten sisters.
  30. Don’t tease the little short kid. He is going to grow taller than all the rest of the family.
  31. You can ride a bike from Powell to Oak Ridge without getting run over.
  32. Root canals aren’t so bad. Just take a nap while the dentist works.
  33. Some people don’t physically feel pain.
  34. The Energizer Bunny can’t hold a candle to Robert’s energy.
  35. When you are really down, a big smile and hug will make everything better.
  36. Don’t ever underestimate someone’s ability to succeed.
  37. Hard work is the key to success.
  38. ]It is okay to change your mind, change your mind, change your mind, change your mind. Eventually you will make a decision.
  39. Winning the big prize at an Easter Egg Hunt can be very stressful (for Mom).
  40. And, finally, the most important.Waiting until you are 37 to get married assures you of getting the perfect wife.