Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our First Weekend Getaway

It's been 13 months since Robert and I have been on a date. I know, I know...not only have we been completely unfair to ourselves, but we have been unfair to Evan too. You see Evan has only stayed with someone else on three different occasions and those times were for only a few hours. He has become so attached to me over the last month that I am absolutely terrified for the next person that has to stay with him.

And the honors go to...Memaw Evans. (By the way, we're still not sure if that's what we're calling my mom these days. We went from Nonny, to Memaw and I have a feeling we'll be calling her something completely different in a couple of weeks.)

Robert's 40th birthday is on the 11th and I felt it necessary that I do something special for the old man. As I tossed around various ideas I kept running into the same problem time after time after time...What will we do with Evan??? The only people here that I trust enough to take care of Evan would be Katie and Spencer, but I would never slap that much responsiblity on them unless we were in a real bind. Like having f-ball tickets to a Carolina/Tennessee game. hint, hint. Totally kidding y'all!

But asking family is a whole 'nother story. Not only was I sure my mom would want to stay with Evan, but I also knew that she was quite aware that Robert and I haven't had a night to ourselves, much less two nights. I jumped on the horn to state my case for our first weekend getaway and my mom happily agreed to pony up. I absolutely did not have a plan B so thank you, mom, for saying yes.

This is the point at which I give my mom a fair warning: 1. Evan is teething - molars! 2. Evan cries every time I am out of sight. 3. Evan has started experiencing stranger anxiety - so I hope he remembers you. 4. Evan has HORRIBLE diaper rash.

Ok...I layed it all out there. Now I can only hope and pray that my mom's multitude of experience will instantly kick in the moment we walk out of the door. This is a woman who handled a 4 yr old, a 13 month old and newborn twins all on her own. But she also claims not to remember those first couple of years because her robotic instinct took over and blurred it all out for her. I guess that's why I don't have a baby book either.

I'm hoping something comes back to her. She's gonna need it.

As for Robert and myself, we are going to enjoy every single moment we have together. These little getaways don't happen too often obviously. This time away is much needed, and if I do say so myself, well deserved. Thank you, mom, for making this happen!

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