Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Redecorating on a Loooow Budget

I have millions of great ideas floating around in my head but when it comes to actually creating them or putting them in action the idea doesn't seem nearly as brilliant after the fact. I've made a conscious decision however to dig a little deeper and pull out any bit of creativity I can find in this cloudy brain of mine.

I've been wanting to redecorate for awhile now, but I had two major hurdles in my way. #1 - No money. This is fairly essential to the task at hand, but I've surprised myself nonetheless. #2 - I don't have a great deal of design knowledge, but again, I've maneuvered around this and now have much more confidence in my design choices.
With those two hurdles out of my path I'm ready to transform my home! I'm also ready to put some pent-up energy into something that doesn't involve poop, diapers, drool or Noggin.

My first finished project was an easy, yet pleasing one. I've hated our computer chair for a very long time. And when I say very long time I mean since Robert and I first started dating 8 years ago. For whatever reason this chair has followed us everywhere. There was absolutely NOTHING remarkable about this chair, but I guess it decided it was staying no matter what. Here is the chair that used to be (it doesn't have the back on it because I didn't remember to take the picture until after I took it off - I'm sure you'll still get the picture):

I decided I would recover this chair to bring some life back into it - if it ever existed in the first place. I bought a laundry bag from Ikea a couple of years ago that I never really used. We had baseball hats stuffed in it when I took it out of the closet. I bought the bag simply because I liked the design on the fabric and it was cheap. I thought it could be better utilized by being cut up and used for fabric for the chair. And voila! That's exactly what I did:

We now have a decent looking chair with a little more character and it didn't cost me a dime! My mom will be so proud of my resourcefulness. And there's much more where that came from.


Kylie said...

holy martha stewart!

Sarah said...

This is an incredible transformation that didn't hurt the wallet one bit. So proud of you!