Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Words Are Fun

My mom and I were walking through the Wal-Mart parking lot a few weeks ago and Evan, as always, wanted to show off his impressive, yet limited vocabulary. As we walked he pointed to every single parking space and said, "" until we reached the front doors. We parked quite a distance away so I had "car" ringing in my ears as we went inside. I was still a very proud mama!
Evan has since made a few additions to his vocabulary that I have happily recorded to show every one how brilliant our kid is...yes, you may all gag now.


Nana said...

Awwww He is SO CUTE! Enough of the vocab lesson for the day! HA! :) Love ya! Traci

Sarah said...

It cracks me up every time I watch it, right before he says "car" his facial expression looks just like Tim.