Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wish List

I have a closet full of baby gear that I've been storing for the arrival of baby number two.  It can get very expensive purchasing all the things "they" say you need so I made sure to hang on to everything to prevent any outrageous purchases.  I did find however that the few items we frequently used are either extremely worn or damaged.  Because we used them so much with Evan I know we will again use them for the next baby.  Which brings me to my very short wish list:

When Evan was an infant I kept my sanity by going on daily walks with him in his stroller.  His infant carrier snapped right into the stroller and away we went - sometimes twice a day.  This hasn't changed now that he's a big boy.  We still stroll around the neighborhood quite frequently.  Basically, my stroller has been through the ringer.  The wheels aren't very stable anymore and its maneuvering is much more difficult now.  That is why I am now looking at a double stroller.  This particular one is a sit and stand.  There are several different positions for the seats, which I like a lot.  Evan can ride in the front and I can have an infant carrier in the back.  When the baby is old enough to ride in a regular seat, they can both ride one behind the other or the baby can ride up front and Evan can stand on the back platform.  It's very versatile.

Our infant carrier also took quite a beating.  Between frequent attempts to soothe crying by driving Evan around and many long trips in the stroller the carrier now appears to have seen better days.  I also attempted to wash and dry the covering and it seems drying was not such a smart choice.  In its now shrunken state, the cover can not fit over the frame.  A new infant seat is a must have.

Please note:  If you're noticing a pattern with the Baby Trend brand it's because I need to be sure the new infant carrier will fit into the bases we already have (our last carrier was Baby Trend) and the Baby Trend carrier will, without question, fit into the Baby Trend stroller - so there ya go.

We also used our pack n play like it was going out of style.  Evan slept in it as an infant the first four months.  We also took it with us everywhere we went just in case he needed a nap.  All the traveling and use really took a toll and one of the support legs finally broke and we aren't able to use it anymore.  One thing we learned too is that we have no need for the fancy schmancy ones.  All those extras ended up in a random closet.  We definitley plan to use a more simplistic version for the second baby.  

I'm sure if we find out we're having a girl I'll have other pretty little things dancing around in my head that I'll want to purchase, but at this point I'm trying to be realistic in what we know we'll need.  I also now know that the more expensive brands don't always have the best products - which is why I live at Target. :)


Clark Family Blog said...

Amanda- Craigslist is a GREAT place to find 'gently used" baby items. Just remember to always check for any recalls. I got double stroller on there when my kids were little for $50, and I also have a triple stroller ( I had 2 small kids, and my sister also had a small child) that I paid $60 for ( its one that would have cost me $200+ brand new.)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the heads up, Faith. I check Craigslist frequently. I haven't yet come across a stroller that I like. I've done a lot of research on double strollers so I know exactly what I want and what will fit our situation best. I'll certainly keep checking!