Sunday, May 2, 2010

Romper Nation

Remember looking back at pictures of your mom and her friends and thinking how hideous the fashion was back then?  Well we all know that styles come and go and many tend to make there way back in the spotlight.  Some I don't mind so much; others need to be erased from fashion history for good.

Browsing through magazines and various clothing stores I was shocked to see the romper is making a comeback.  First of all, aren't rompers for babies?  And secondly, any one-piece made of denim should be burned.

Amanda and I were shopping around yesterday and came across rompers of all styles and materials.  Denim, terry cloth, cotton, silk...belted, buttoned, ruffled, ruched...halter, sleeveless, strapless...and worst of all - suspenders!  You name it, we saw it.

We found a terry cloth number that was striped, strapless and was only $9.99.  We were laughing at the thought of wearing them to the beach and decided for that price it was worth buying just to put on and take a picture.

After putting Evan to bed we reverted back to our college ways.  We dressed up in our hot new outfits, set up the camera and put on the self-timer.  We probably took 25-30 pictures hysterically laughing the entire time.  We literally had tears streaming down our faces as we looked at each other in those ridiculous one- pieces.  The pictures will never make it into a frame I'm afraid, but they will certainly be put away for another day when I need a good laugh.



Kylie said...

Ladies... this is ridiculous. This brings back memories of finals and the grocery store incident. hahaha. I have a special request. Can you find our old Christmas card?

Amanda said...

Amanda definitely has the old christmas card. Although I believe it was also on my wedding slideshow.

Score said...

Oh, I found the original negative from our Christmas card. I was going to have it rescanned, but I was a little embarrassed to face the photo tech at the shop. Good times!

Laura said...

I've been seeing this outfit around as well and I'm not brave enough to try it.... looks like it makes good maternity wear :) you look fabulous.

Phil said...

Ladies: I'm beginning to question your sanity.

Amanda said...

Laura - thanks! it actually does make pretty comfortable maternity wear. I think you should give the romper a shot - and please send a photo! :)

Phil - you should've been questioning my sanity long before now.