Monday, November 8, 2010


We've had visitors every weekend since MJ's birth and, no offense to those peeps, but what was I thinking??  I was beyond exhausted and struggling just fine on my own the first few days home from the hospital, but I guess I wasn't feeling sufficiently tortured.  With that being said, after my brothers' visit this weekend I would've kept torturing myself just to have them both here a few more days.

Todd and Tim both came into town this weekend to meet Mattie J for the first time and to hang out with me, mom and the fam.  Originally, Tim's whole family was supposed to make the trip, but due to unforeseen circumstances Ruth and TJ were not able to come along.  Boo.  We were all really disappointed.  Isabel came along though and completely stole the show with her ridiculously cute personality.  It was actually quite funny watching Tim play Mr. Mom.  I was impressed how comfortable he seemed in that role.  Maybe pigs can fly after all. Just kidding, Tim.  I knew you had it in you.

With only two short days to spend we crammed in college football, seafood, the beach, the zipline and more football.   Again, tiring, but totally worth it.  And the weather turned out to be beautiful.  A tad bit chilly, but sunny as can be.

I've managed to get my mom to move here - now I need to work on Todd and Tim.  I miss my family.


Score said...

Looks like fun. Isabel is so cute. Get some rest before the Florida trip! I'm ready to do some Ikea shopping.

Kylie said...

I really love the picture of Isabel and your mom.

Ashley said...

Hi! I'm Ashley! I follow your blog! I'm Kylie's cousin! Your blog is really nice! Your kid's are sooooooooooooo cute! You can follow my blog if you want! Bye!:)