Sunday, November 28, 2010

O Christmas Tree

I've always wanted to pick out my own Christmas tree and then of course have someone else cut it down.  I googled "Christmas tree farms" and found one not too far away - about 45 minutes - in Conway.  It was a perfect day weather wise - no cloud in the sky, a slight chill in the air - perfect for tree hunting in my opinion.

We didn't realize we would also experience a hayride and have acres and acres of various types of Christmas trees to choose from - bonus.  We eventually settled on a Leland Cyprus.  They have softer needles and they appear to have more texture than some of the other trees.

Evan loved being outside as usual and really liked being involved in picking out our tree.

I really enjoyed the surroundings and took advantage of having my camera in tow.  I edited these photos with various PS actions.

A perfect day in South Carolina.


Score said...

Looks like fun! Glad you were able to go. Leyland Cypress are good trees

Kylie said...

PS = Photoshop? Is it worth it?