Monday, November 15, 2010

MJ Turns One...Month That Is

Inspired by a photo project I saw on Young House Love, I've decided to take a picture of MJ on the 15th of every month to illustrate how she's changing month to month.  The authors of YHL have been taking pictures of their little one on a weekly basis, but I knew that would be way too ambitious for me.  Every month is more my speed and her changes will be less subtle that way.

The idea is to capture various faces and gestures, a different one each month, and dress the photo up with a background using a fun fabric.  And by putting Mattie in the same white onesie every month will provide consistency and the contrast needed to turn this project into art - maybe a photobook or calendar when completed? 

 Happy 1 Month Birthday!



Score said...

I was going to suggest this after I saw that post yesterday!

Kylie said...

I actually figured that you had seen this and were planning it - right up your alley ... :) agree that monthly is much more realistic. She's getting big already!

Sarah said...

wonder if they got it from Making It Lovely?