Thursday, September 15, 2011

11 Months

We are one month away from Mattie Girl's first birthday.  Just typing that seems so surreal.  These past 11 months have flown by and I am at a complete loss for where the time went.

As Mattie's personality continues to develop and emerge, I am convinced more and more that she is her mother's daughter.  And by that, I mean we have a little tomboy on our hands - rough, tough and active.  Not even a year old and she already makes her brother cry.

In other news, MJ finally has her two front teeth.  They are large and in charge and make me laugh every time she smiles.  She chows down on all table food now and eats bigger portions than Evan.  When we go out to eat we order the kid's meal for her and have Evan eat off our plates - the girl has a massive appetite.

She is taking steps now, but not in full stride quite yet.  Her confidence is building everyday though and she challenges herself well.  I predict we'll be chasing her around this time next month.

To our Mattie Girl - You have brought such happiness to our life and we are so excited to see the AWESOME little girl that you are too quickly becoming.  We love you to pieces. 


Score said...

Happy 11 months, MJ! Can't wait to see her walking next month.

Kylie said...

11 mos ! Crazy! Or amaze balls as my interns would say. Looks at that sweet chubs. She's a bwubz mc dillahopper.