Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family Time

This is the second consecutive year that Tim and his family have come to SC to celebrate Mattie's birthday.  Even though they initially planned this trip to attend a wedding in Charlotte, we got lucky because the wedding was called off.  Thank you to the bride and groom for figuring out it wasn't gonna work because it certainly worked out for me.

I got to spend some much needed time with my niece and nephew whom I never get to see.  In just one year they both had completely changed.  Isabel is such a big girl now and a princess in training.  That's what daddy tells her anyway :)  TJ is a little pimp.  He looks so much like Tim as a boy it's scary.  Several times throughout the weekend I talked to TJ and it immediately took me back to 1984 at McDeeds Creek Rd.  Talk about deja vu.  Genes are an amazing thing.

This may not be the best representation as far as pictures go, but if I had the time to go through the billions of pictures we have I would no doubt find one that would be identical to the one above.

This particular visit was also really special because not only did we celebrate another birthday for Mattie together, but we also celebrated the upcoming births of two more baby girls to the family.  Tim and Ruth are due December 23rd (hoping to induce a week early on the 14th) and Todd and Barnes are due on February 15th.  Growing families are so exciting!  I'm even more excited that it's them and not me - ha!

We were on limited time since everyone was only in town for two days - we packed in some beach time, college football and threw a little party for Mattie.  Tim even tried out a few of his jujitsu moves on everyone (his new love obsession is MMA).  We sure are looking forward to the day that Tim and family decide that Chicago is too cold and head south!  I'm crossing my fingers that it's sooner than later...Evan and Mattie sure loved being with their cousins as well as their uncles and aunts.

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Score said...

Love the pics! Especially the shadow pic of MJ. And holy cow, TJ looks just like Tim. So crazy!