Friday, October 19, 2012

Four Year Well Visit

Evan was a little late for his four year well visit - he turned four three months ago.  But the three shots he got today hurt just as much as they would have then.  He was given the first round of the flu shot and the DTap and Polio vaccinations.  He goes back in a month for the second round of the flu shot and the MMR and Varivax vaccinations.  Ugh - four year old shots are brutal!

Evan's current stats:

Weight - 43.8 lbs (80%)
Height - 42.5 in (75%)
Head Circumference - 21 1/2 in (95%)

Evan has finally started to plateau in terms of his measurements - well, except for that melon head!
His vision and hearing were checked and he seems to be doing both just fine.  I told him he could no longer pretend not to hear me. :)

I shared my concern with the doctor about Evan's toe walking and we decided together that he should visit with a physical therapist to see what their recommendations would be for him.  The doctor thinks some simple exercises would help a great deal.

My healthy, handsome boy...

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Score said...

of course his head would still be big. TJ looks like he has a melon head too.