Monday, November 9, 2009


I could not have picked a better weekend to visit my brother and his family in Chicago. My mom and I flew in prepared for a blizzard, but instead got beautiful blue skies with a high of 70 degrees both Saturday and Sunday.

We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and spent most of Saturday at the city zoo. Evan was completely enthralled with the gorillas. He would have peered through that glass all day if I had not dragged him away. The same was true for the sea otter and the turtles.

Tim and Ruth were able to thoroughly enjoy themselves because Izzie is, by far, the sweetest, most well-behaved baby I've ever witnessed. She only cried when she was ready to eat and that was even rare. She was constantly smiling and she already sleeps through the night! I actually had baby fever after spending the weekend with her. That quickly vanished however after my plane ride home with Evan. Never again will I travel alone with a toddler. Not that Evan was bad, but being on edge for three consecutive hours doing anything in your power to prevent a tantrum is not what I would eagerly sign up to do again.

Tim treated my mom and I to a broadway show Saturday afternoon. We saw Jersey Boys, the story of The Four Seasons. It was AMAZING! We both walked out of the theater completely wowed by the singing. We began rattling off all the other shows we were desperate to see.

Ruth picked us up from the theater and we met Tim and Evan at a local Italian restaurant in Irving Park. This was a favorite spot of my mom's from the last time she visited my brother. The food was incredible and the kids gave us no problems. Fortunately, Tim didn't start quoting "The Godfather" while we were there.

We had a wonderful visit to the windy city. I can't wait to go back soon to love on my beautiful niece and spend time with my brother and Ruth. I will definitely wait until after winter!


Sarah said...

You know I've heard a lot of generalizations and old wives tales about babies and pregnancy, i.e. oh she's carrying that baby low it must be a boy. A majority of these are inaccurate. But there are two that I think are for the most part true. 1. a female offspring will most commonly look like the father 2. girls are easier to raise-- until age 13. they are especially easy to care for as babies. Tim is having a similar experience with his daughter that I had with mine as a baby. Slept thru the night at 2 mths.

Kylie said...

Sarah, so far I'll have to agree with #2...