Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Smell is Everywhere

Let me just recap my last couple of hours:

After Evan woke up from his nap we made our much loved trip to Target. I didn't have anything important to pick up and thank the lord for that. As I was pulling into the parking lot I hear Evan coughing and it didn't sound like the congested cough he's had the last few days. It sounded more like a I have something in my throat that needs to come out kind of cough. And if that wasn't the truth - I turn around to make sure he's ok and as I do he starts throwing up all over himself, the car seat, the floor board, you name it - it was covered. I literally panicked for a bit because he's never thrown up before and he wasn't acting sick so I had a brief moment of not knowing what to do. Mommy mode definitely kicked in as I parked my reeking vehicle in a spot.

I opened the back door and assessed the very nauseating situation. I unbuckled Evan and carefully pulled him out making sure his lunch fell from his lap to the pavement. I stripped him down in the parking lot to his diaper. You gotta love Florida when you can do that in mid -November. I looked around in my car for anything I could use to clean out the pile - yes, I said pile - of putrid smelling mess that took up the entire car seat. I'm not even gonna mention the straps of the harness. It makes me want to gag thinking about it. So I take the only thing I can find - a blanket - that I can cover the car seat with so I can get Evan home. I had to use the seat belt in the car to strap him in and we were on our way.

He dry heaved a few times on the way home, but smiled and laughed in between. I wasn't too sure what to make of it. Once we were home I got him inside and secure and then tackled the whole car seat issue. I wasn't about to step-by-step clean out each and every crevice of that seat. Instead, I took the whole thing out, ripped off the covering and hosed down the interior of the seat. I washed the covering, his clothes and shoes in the washing machine. Everything is currently hung to dry.

Evan has been running around ever since we got back. I'm assuming it was something he ate? He doesn't have a fever and didn't turn down dinner either. What I do know is that ordeal was the closest I've come to throwing up in a long time. And I still can't get that smell out of my nostrils! Ahhh!


Score said...

Oh my god! I'm sorry I missed that. Poor guy, I'm glad he's ok, but it sounds like you're scarred.

Sarah said...

I wish I felt as casual about vomiting as toddlers do.