Saturday, November 21, 2009

Something to Fill the Gap

A certain vacant spot on Evan's nursery wall has been bugging me the past couple of weeks. I think the last wall art project I did has brought out the beast in me because I find myself wanting to fill every hole. I'm sure it wouldn't seem like a necessary fix to any one else, but knowing that doesn't resolve the nagging issue either. I needed something small and simple.

I gathered all my random art supplies from past projects and decided to do an easy animal art piece. With decorative paper, spray adhesive and a small canvas I came up with this:

No claim to fame, but it satisfied my need and that's all that matters. On to my new office!


Sarah said...

I just went through 57 pages on Etsy of purses and bags with owls on them. This is not too far off from some of the things I saw selling for more than $20.

Sarah said...

oh! gutter bookshelves at Little Green Notebook today is right up your alley since you're the DIY princess and all. Check it.